Join Us

We believe that curiosity, ambition, motivation, a sense of humor, and enthusiasm for science and life create the breeding ground for discovery. Our goal is to help every lab member thrive in the lab and fulfill his or her maximum potential. Every lab member is committed to investigating his or her scientific What If… questions that interest them, and to work collaboratively with all other lab members. This is when the magic happens.

There are four things that we expect from all members of our lab:

  1. Perform well-designed experiments that lead us to exciting and novel discoveries.
  2. Communicate these findings within and beyond the greater scientific community.
  3. Mentor and support one another to fulfill our maximum scientific potential.
  4. Above all, be passionate, enthusiastic and committed to scientific research.

We are always interested in meeting prospective post docs and students who are committed to furthering their careers in science. If you are interested in joining us on this journey of discovery, please email the following information to:

  • CV (résumé)
  • Letter of motivation explaining:
    • Why you are passionate about science
    • What you hope to contribute to our lab
    • What your careers goals are and what you hope to get out of this journey with our lab
    • Why you think you are a good fit for our team.
  • Personal proposal (no more than 3 pages, please) of the topic on which you would like to focus in order to further our understanding of insect immunity to viruses and its applications.  Please include a brief  state-of-the-art/background/introduction, goals and proposed methodology.

We look forward to hearing from you!